Newly Pregnant

Once you find out you’re pregnant, contact Dr Wilson’s office and book with the administration team for your first appointment. Depending on your pregnancy symptoms and history, Dr Wilson will see you between 8 and 11 weeks of pregnancy.

You must be in an Australian Private Health Fund and covered for obstetrics (in a private hospital) to be eligible for delivery by Dr Wilson. Dr Wilson only delivers at Norwest Private Hospital ONLY (no exceptions).

Your First

To enable you to claim with Medicare, you will need a referral from your GP and/or IVF specialist. Bring this, along with any other relevant test results you have. You do not need to have had an ultrasound or blood tests to see Dr Wilson, as he will perform the ultrasound at the first visit and order any outstanding blood or urine tests.

Antenatal Care

Dr Wilson, along with his practice midwife Lyn will see you throughout your pregnancy in his rooms in Norwest. You will have the advantage of seeing your baby in State of the Art 3D and 4D ultrasound at each appointment if you wish (at no additional cost). You will follow a close structure of appointments, which towards the end of the pregnancy become weekly. If there is any time that you need reassurance or have extra questions, appointments can easily be made between these scheduled appointments.

Ultrasounds, Tests and other Specialists

Throughout your pregnancy Dr Wilson will request various tests for you to have performed. He will explain the reason behind all of these tests with you at your appointments. When some test results return requiring further attention and treatment, Dr Wilson may refer you onto another specialist to manage that particular problem in your pregnancy e.g. an Endocrinologist for Gestational Diabetes. Most patients will elect to attend a 12 and 19 week ultrasound exam at a radiologist nearby -usually The Hills Ultrasound for Women in Q Central, Bella Vista.

Obstetrics Fees

Dr Wilson’s fees for antenatal care and delivery are structured so that the cost for your pregnancy care with us is predictable. Once you book in, we will send you out the structure of the fees so that you fully understand how this works. The current gap fee (payable at 20 weeks by ALL patients) as of 1st August 2016 is $3500. The cost of 12 (or NIPT testing) and 19 week ultrasounds, seeing other specialists (e.g. Diabetes specialists) anaesthetic and paediatric costs are not covered in this fee. They are additional expenses billed by other providers.


Dr Wilson is on call from Monday 8AM to Saturday 8AM. Dr Hardas, Dr Qin and Dr Wilson participate in a weekend on call roster. Currently Dr Hardas and Dr Wilson are doing a 1 in 2 roster. He works closely with the midwives at the hospital to ensure that good communication between doctor, patient and midwife occurs.

Postnatal Care

Dr Wilson will visit with most days that you are in hospital after your delivery (except Sundays). Once you are home, you can make your postnatal appointment to come into the rooms and see Dr Wilson for a check up 6 weeks after your baby is born. Ongoing contraception and Pap smears can be discussed and performed at this appointment.