Dr Matthew Wilson provides pregnancy care at the highest level, enabling expectant mothers to have a positive, reassuring and relaxed pregnancy prior to a cherished childbirth experience. His dedication to his patients is matched only by his knowledge and experience.

Dr Wilson delivers only at Norwest Private Hospital for privately insured patients. This, along with capping his monthly patient load, enables him to be present at all of his deliveries and allows patients the dedicated care that they deserve from a private obstetrician.

As an experienced private obstetrician, Dr Wilson offers a well-informed style of care. He believes that this type of continuous care is important for all parents-to-be and especially so for those who have had a previous traumatic delivery or unpleasant experience in another pregnancy.

Seeing patients from as early as 8 weeks of pregnancy, Dr Wilson offers continuous care in his state of art consulting rooms, offering patients the latest technology in 4D ultrasound at each visit. Dr Wilson understands that everyone is different and has specific needs and his focus will be on providing the specific care you require. If your pregnancy is high risk and delivery at Norwest Private Hospital is not advisable Dr Wilson will refer you to a high risk obstetrician in the public health system – Westmead or Blacktown Hospitals. Dr Wilson is not a high risk obstetrician (MFM specialist).

The practice midwife, Lyn, is readily available to provide women a midwifery service in addition to Dr Wilson’s care plan. You will see both Lyn (at most) and Dr Wilson at all visits.

Dr Wilson is also a father and a husband and cannot be on call 24/7 when on holidays. Should you deliver unexpectedly early while he is away, Dr Wilson ensures that a similarly minded colleague completes your care. Bookings are not taken when the due date occurs if Dr Wilson is away. The practice can advise you of these dates when you book with us. Dr Wilson participates in a group practice weekend roster. The other obstetricians involved in this roster are – Dr George Hardas and Dr Victoria Qin.